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Share your story! Be a contributor for an eBook

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Good Day!


I am looking for individual contributors for a book, who are willing to share their life experiences to help others who are going through the same thing in their life. I am looking for people to write a simple 2-5 page story on your experience dealing with the death of a parent(s), spouse, or child.


The contributor will write about their own experience, what happened (cause of death), how it changed your life, the struggles you went through, how long ago it was and how things are going for you now. Please be completely honest with your thoughts and feeling as you were going through all the emotions you went through.


 PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! All material must be original content, any material found to be plagiarized will be reported to the proper authorities.


Please keep in mind that I do require the following from you;


A signed contract stating that this is a creation that you will own no rights to. You can have your name and any contact info you wish at the end of your story, or if you wish not have you’re your name published, you may end your story with “Anonyms”.   

You will receive an ebook of all the stories, however, I will own all rights to including resell and distribution rights.


The story must be written in;

A font size of 12 points

Times new roman font type

Single spaced

With margins no more than 1” on all sides (left, right, to, bottom)


The completed project is to be delivered in Microsoft word within 21 days of me selecting you.

If you are interested in working with us, giving us your experiences to help others, please email


Please use the subject line to notify me of the topic of your story. (Death of Parent, Death of Spouse, or Death of Child)



Sally Pederson

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Share your story! Be a contributor for an eBook

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